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Bus shelter GEOMERE


Größe: 170 - 572 cm.

The galvanized steel frame is treated with powder coating. The rear and side walls are made of tempered glass. A shelter can be equipped with one or two illuminated citylight showcases (CLV). The bench is made of solid wood. It is also possible to add the timetable holders. The roof is made of safety glass, trapezoidal sheet or sandwich panel.


A range of shelters with optimized choice of funtional elements. Simple but effective modular system having bearing columns in the rear wall. This enables the possibility of geomere shelter not to have side walls which is suitable for narrow spaces. The integrated elegant bench consisting of wooden boards is a cordial detail enhancing the whole design. Graphics on glass panels in roof and sides are an integral part of the whole design. Sizes vary from 170 cm in width to 572 cm in lenght.